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The Measure of a Pro™

The Measure of a Pro™

Solid. Tried and true. For those willing to get their hands dirty to raise the bar. Because the measure of a pro is the work they leave behind. Their legacy is every project completed until they break ground and build what’s next.
Our legacy? That’s simple. It’s on the hip and in the hand of every Pro since 1843.

It's how STANLEY became The Measure of a Pro™.

Don't just take our word for it though. We've received


impartial reviews from the people who rely on our tools and equipment to get the job done, and here's some of their favourites

Reach matters

We introduced the first steel tape in 1931, and we’ve been reaching further ever since, going to great lengths so that you can do what you do best.


Hard to beat

STANLEY FATMAX power tools are designed to help you work smarter and faster thanks to their innovative design. With everything you need to get the job done, wether working on site or at home - they really are hard to beat.


Storage sorted

Arrive on site like a real Pro, with STANLEY and STANLEY FATMAX storage solutions. From organisers and soft bags to workshop storage and customisable systems, get yourself sorted and find your ideal storage solution.


Dependable, any way you cut it

For razor-sharp performance, choose STANLEY and STANLEY FATMAX knives and blades. With plenty to choose from we have a knife and blade for every job, and you’ll have every job for every knife and blade.